Birthday Parties

If you've lost sales or clients to lockdown closures, speak to us today about opening an e-commerce channel for your brand.

Pink Birthday Cake

We were approached at the beginning of lockdown to put on a virtual birthday party. The idea was unusual, but we were quickly able to put together a Facebook group and organise a whole day of live performances, activities and more!

We want to make it easy for you and your loved ones to celebrate together while also protecting those who might be at risk. 

We can organise performers to perform live or from recordings as well, and we've put together at-home treasure hunts and other activities as well!

Image by Chris Montgomery
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It's a confusing time for getting together, especially if you're close to people who are at risk of infection.


Let us take care of organising a remote celebration for you; just message us about "lockdown birthday parties" and we'll get started!

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