Every new project we work on gets its own slot here. Have a look and see whether our services suit what you need. Alternatively, have a look in the Projects tab to see some of the more specific services I can offer!

If the project included a website, the images next to it will take you to the site I built. If it was just graphics, we've included social and online links for you to see them in use in the real world. Have a browse, then use the chat button to get in touch! We can't wait to hear from you.

Lifestyle Fitness Ballymena

Video work is fast becoming our favourite outlet. We've just finished this piece for Lifestyle Fitness in Ballymena, and we're so excited to be able to show it off! 


ES Personal Training

A project we'll soon be launching needed some design work to make it stand out. We're really proud to be able to share this with you, so make sure you check out the website as well as the graphics. Check out the website by clicking here!

Dudes & Divas Entertainment

Sarah from Dudes & Divas needed some website work done to make things flow more effectively and stand out to visitors. On top of that, they needed a privacy policy connected up to their site, so we had a lot to take care of!

In no time at all, we sorted Sarah out with a striking new layout for her site, and made sure her privacy policy included everything relevant to the requirements of her business.

UPRISING Barbell Co.

We wanted to put this here to supplement the proof of my work found below. We run many of the operations of this company with my design abilities, working on a weekly basis to produce:

  • thumbnails

  • videos

  • designs/merchandise

  • social media content

  • SEO

Take a look around and see some of the more unique aspects of our work!

PSR Bespoke Finishes

PSR Needed a logo, and they came to us looking for something eye-catching and impressive. Luckily, that's what we specialise in! 

A few days later, we created some social profiles, linked all the visual elements up to it and then performed a full overhaul of their GoDaddy website and its SEO!

Peter Thompson

Peter spotted some designs I'd made before, and approached UPRISING Barbell Co to find out where they came from. Within a few days, we were able to create a striking logo for him which mimicked the style of another design he admired from a gym in the US.

Quality graphic design and logo creation is what we love more than anything else. Message us today!

AM Fitness Solutions

Andrew is looking to rebrand for a new season of training clients in Lifestyle Fitness, Ballymena. We were more than happy to help Andrew with the task, quickly creating a bold new logo and slogan to accompany the change.

Check out the brand new AMFS website by clicking the image! You can book online classes, PT sessions and subscriptions all from the one site, syncing to your Google calendar!


Castle Coffee

We did a full range of products for this business. First off, we created a sales website where the business could start earning by selling coffee from roasters all over the British Isles. After that, we designed logos, opened social media channels and helped configure SEO, all to make it easier to raise those sales figures!

Are you looking to open your idea up tot he world? Speak to us now about setting up an online store so you can start making your dream a reality today!

Castle Coffee Website

Rusty Nutz

We love ot let this one speak for itself. It's a testament in itself to the fact that we'll design anything at all that you need for your business.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need logos, no matter how unique they might be!

Find Rusty Nutz here:



Cover Photo.png

Antrim Credit Union

This site has a full subscription to Wix Premium, with added email setup and domain names all connected to it. We worked to out the entire setup together, and can do the same for your site if you need it.

Logo on BG.png

PMD Contractors

A sure sign that SEO is worth working on: Paul from PMD found us on Google after searching for a designer to overhaul his business site, and we were over the moon to begin working when we shook on the project. 

Contractor sites are unique in that they have to appeal to architects rather than those in the market for having projects built. 

Follow the site here!

Cover 1.png
MJP Facebook

Margaret Jayne


Another client asked if I could help out a friend with a lifelong dream by setting them up with a place to market and trade online. I was more than happy top put together a Facebook page where photo can be both shared and sold, and I'm really eager to see what it leads to!

Slemish Players

A drama group we've been working with for the past year or so has been in need of some new branding recently, so we got to work on something to help them improve their appearance on social media. We hope to work on a website for them in the coming months, so keep an eye out for that appearing here!

Slemish on Facebook

Cover Photo.png


Irish Motorhome and Caravan Sales came to us through another client and we were very eager to set them up with some graphics. We're looking forward to providing them with more materials in the coming months as they continue to rebrand and redesign their company's outward appearance.

We love how this logo turned out; it's always fun to work on little quirks which help a logo to stand out


Sabrina from LIGHT came to us in search of a logo and some advertising materials. We were excited to try something new, because we'd only ever offered these items on a smaller scale for businesses looking for websites and social media pages. 

After a series of drafts and a few revisions were made, we finished a range of products which both of us were very happy with, and it's great to see them in use on Facebook at last. 

LIGHT's Facebook page.

Logo Leters.png

Learning Curve Tutors

Newly established as a freelance tutor to maths pupils, Learning Curve already had a site under construction and simply asked us to take over.

It's been a learning curve of sorts for us to work on it because it uses a builder which we're not really used to, but we're pleased with the results.

Included with this site were email integration and graphic design, which we're more than happy to add in to you own package if you choose us to provide your online services!

Click here to view the site!


Below Bermuda

Another music project site, only this time with better music. It belongs to a university band and is fully functioning in every way except for the paid subscriptions and verified url. It's an example of what you can do on a budget with no added extras. Click here to see it!

This site's a good way to see how you can add external links which are added in various different places.

As a side note, if you happen across the merchandise page and wish to add something like that to your own site, we can set up a number of options and a number of stores, just like the music ones as well. 

Osteopaths of Ireland

Proud to be able to show off a fully-functioning events website now that Osteopaths of Ireland's commission is launched and available to the public. Now, prospective osteopaths have a base to turn to when they need to build up CPD hours to work towards qualifications!

For those looking for ongoing work, we'll be continuing on with this site, monitoring sales, attendee records and necessary maintenance for Osteopaths of Ireland for the foreseeable future. Get in touch if you need regular monitoring or management of your brand's online presence!