Osteopaths of Ireland

On Saturday, I met with some terrific people from Q Healthcare in Antrim to chat about building a new site for Osteopaths of Ireland. In a different turn of needs than usual, I'll be taking over a project already partly in motion, but I enjoy work in all its forms and I'm happy to take on any task passed my way.

This site will hopefully take another new direction in comparison to my track record with existing sites and projects, but if there's anything you can learn from reading my project blog so far, it's that I love taking on radically new tasks and creating things which no one has seen before. I'm really excited to be making something new again, and I'm really looking forward to updating you on how it goes in case there's anything specific you might like to incorporate into your own site.

For this project, I'm working to integrate a system of publication and advertisement for a captive audience of osteopaths around the world, helping them to learn about training events and then book slots for attendance using a combination of different sites and elements. There are going to be a lot of moving parts and a lot of work to do in order to juggle them all until they come together and settle into a rhythm, but I'm really excited about the learning which lies ahead and the challenges which will come along with it.

Please do come back in future to see how things go; I'm sure you'll not be disappointed by what I come up with while I work with Osteopaths of Ireland. If you want to build something unique which performs in ways that nobody else's site does, get in touch now! My site now has a live chat feature (which you can have on your own site, too!), so it's easier than ever to speak to me or just leave a couple of words for me to read over and reply to when I come back to check in on things.

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