Welcome: Learning Curve Tutors!

This project has been a little different in comparison to some others. I was approached to work on a site which had already been started using a different builder than I'm used to, and after having a look over things, I was more than happy to get started.

The site which had already been started used a Wordpress membership, which I've worked with before on a personal level. I've never been as much of a fan of Wordpress as Wix, because the former is less flexible and requires more manipulation and a heavy degree of learning. Before long though, I managed to get things under control, and the live site, while still undergoing some work, can be viewed here.

Due to the fact that I wouldn't be creating a full site from scratch, I included a range of extra work in the final package. In addition to finishing the website, I designed a series of logos and promotional graphics in keeping with some designs which Learning Curve already had in mind. You can have a look at one of the main graphics below; get in touch if you need something designed for your own brand! Lastly, I set up and integrated email to the domain which Learning Curve had already purchased.

Already, we're looking at making adjustments to the original colours and designs chosen for the original site, so things are well on their way to becoming entirely fresh over the next few weeks! Do remember to keep up on the site's development via the link below, because I'm excited to see what direction things end up going in.

Overall, I'm happy to have taken on something new and different, and I'm really pleased with the results. Don't forget to contact me if you're in the market for anything similar!

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