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Quite often connected to websites are business' social media pages. Keeping track of all that's connected can often be an awkward process of switching back and forth every day to make sure that everything you need to share has been shared, and that every account you manage has been tinkered with enough to keep it ticking over from day to day.

Since all your pages can be linked together with your website, I'm more than happy to offer the provision of social media management as part of any maintenance contract. If you need a blog updated, a hashtag added, a selfie shared, or even just an info burst sent out into the air, I'll be there to take care of it. If you need a site and have other platforms needing taken care of, let me know and I'll cater all the services to what you need, and distribute any content which you might need shared or promoted.

Like other options, this obviously isn't compulsory. If you think you might need i though, have a look at the pages below. I've managed them all for quite some time, and would be happy to do the same for you! I'm not a social media expert, but i have more than enough experience to make sure your pages are updated regularly with curated/commissioned/desired content, and that they match up with your website and blog.

Antrim Credit Union

Below Bermuda

VMP (LA-based Film Company)

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