The "No BS" Guarantee

Since I started work as a freelance website designer, it's come to my attention on a number of occasions that there's a trend within the industry of designers disappearing halfway through their projects. I've lost potential clients based on the stigma surrounding others in my field, and even during my own research on the subject, I've found a number of website design businesses to have simply vanished from existence before their work on certain projects was seen through to completion.

This trend of quite shocking unreliability is something which disappoints me to no end. not only am I upset by the thought that someone would run away from unfinished work; I'm also quite put out by the fact that these other unreliable designers are losing me work because of the dirty marks they leave on my profession. Rather than let it get me down any longer, I've decided to come up with a solution.

My "No BS" Guarantee

The whole idea of running a business is to end up at the point of dominance over the competitive market. Since so many of my contemporaries seem content with abandoning clients, I'm stealing the opening at the top by making a promise to everyone who signs up to me as a client.

Signing a contract with me is binding me to a promise that I'll happily uphold. It's binding me to a promise that I'll complete your product in good time. I't binding me to a promise that I'll stay on top of your profiles for an hourly rate, developing content, management, graphics and edits to suit your preferences. It's binding me to a promise that I'll create the online tools needed for your business according to your specification, aided by my own artistic flair and advice.

It's binding me to a promise that I'll do my job and not leave your business suffering.

Join my client base today, and we'll put an end to the unreliability, bad service and lack of commitment.

Join my client base and we'll get the work done together.

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