Antrim Credit Union Blog Rebuild

When sorting through some of the recent blog material which I'd been adding to the ACU website, I realised that it wasn't as well organised as I normally like things to be. Thankfully, ACU are quite loose in what they let me do in terms of site design, so I decided to log in and make some changes.

Wix have some great options available when it comes to the way you can make your blog appear. You can choose to have individual, isolated feeds which only show a certain category of posts, or you can have everything available in one place at the same time - it's all up to preference. Due to the fact that ACU have so many types of blog post, including an archive of posts from the old website, I decided to split the blog up into three pages.

Now, when you go to the ACU Member Area (blog), you have the option of moving through three different pages. Each option leads to a different page with a different layout and a different composition of blog content. Varying severity across posts is now much easier to discern, and members are able to find what they need more easily based on what they come to the site in search of.

In 2019, when the new sub-office for ACU opens, I have created a series of pages for the website to act as a "sub-site" of sorts, which operate specifically for those who predominantly use the organisation's alternative location. In these new pages, I have added another feed which will launch when the pages are made public. This fourth feed will be for posts which serve the community belonging to the sub-office, and will allow those who use it to find their own tailored information more easily.

If you want to check out what the new ACU blog looks like, click the image below, or simply click here.

If you would like something like this, or if you're interested in my services, head to the Contact page now; I look forward to speaking with you!

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