Antrim Credit Union's 50th Anniversary

Since opening up to the idea of doing more graphic work, I've been learning all kinds of ways to enhance brands using graphic design and reinvention of logos.

The first big project I've taken on in terms of graphics has been the development of Antrim Credit Union's celebratory materials for their 50th anniversary. The celebrations themselves are going to be on quite a large scale with a lot of fuss and excitement, so I wanted to create something which reflected this in several different ways.

To start with, I chose the idea of a golden anniversary, and basically applied the gold theme to as many elements of ACU's existing materials as I could think of. The result is quite striking when first encountered, but it's also managed to result in a number of really beautiful advertising designs which are going to be used on billboards and in a few other places.

Below is the upcoming main page of the ACU website, featuring a range of different gold redesigns of main page graphics, with the addition of special stylised text. I'd love to hear your feedback on how it looks; it's all set to gradually fade in when visitors arrive on the site during the celebration period, so tell me what you'd think if it bled into view on your own screen!

Below are some advertising examples and a couple of social images in the more reserved style. They'll be appearing in a range of different places, and I'm excited to see them cropping up during September!

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