Custom Buttons

With the official Launch of imminent, I thought I'd share one of the several unique features which will be available when it's finally let loose for the public to use in full.

If you're adamant about securing sales right from the off, and would rather give people a checkout button right away than deal with them deliberating endlessly over which option works best for them, then you might want to consider using a custom button. This option is the result of some outside-the-box thinking which I pored over for a while before deciding to experiment with on Tony's site. instead of giving clients the chance to back out before they can commit to a decision, funnel them right into something to make sure they're serious about their business with you.

When Tony's site goes live for real, you'll be able to look through plans and programs on the homepage, but if you look at the main header, there will be two buttons which take you straight to payment pages for different types of program, essentially making quite influential decisions on behalf of those who would otherwise spend a long time hesitating and doubting themselves. When it comes to things like personal training, which is an investment rather than an expense, people might need a little push to ensure their certainty in getting into something, so custom buttons are a simple tool which can be used to make sure any indecision or weak spirits are defeated before they have the chance to lose you business.

Speak to me if custom buttons are something you're interested in; let's get you hooked up.

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