Facebook Page News Feed: the new tool to get your business noticed

Have you been making the most of one of Facebook's more recent feature for business pages? While it's important to make sure you're posting regularly and consistently, this newer tools is another really great way to make sure your page is kept fresh in the minds of the other businesses and local enterprises you're interested in keeping in touch with.

Using pages news feed is a great tool to use for cultivating a good relationship with potential client organisations. Instead of using your personal news feed, which is controlled by algorithms and ratios (and forces you to choose the "interacting as" widget-thing in the bottom-right of someone's post), you can now directly interact with Facebook as your business page!

All you have to do to make a page show up in your pages news feed is go tot he page you're thinking of and select "like as your page" in the little dropdown near the like button. After that, any pages you've done this with will appear in the corresponding business page's news feed.

This is a fantastic tool to use for leaving supportive comments, reacting to posts and generally just making sure that businesses you work with or want to pitch to in future are aware that you're active, supportive and interested in what they do, pushing them a little bit closer to you when it comes down to making decisions.

What are your experiences with Pages News Feed? Leave a comment and chat with us!

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