Re-Branding and Setting Up for Real!

Yesterday, I met with someone from the council to take steps towards making this project come that little bit closer to supporting a living. There's a lot of work to do, but I have a plan in place and an idea which I want t market, and I'm ready to start making it all work.

Over the next week or so, there'll be some major changes taking place across these pages as I complete one of the initial steps of getting set up to go out for real. For the most part, the changes are going to alter most of the written elements of the site, but there'll be some visual ones as well. I'll be listing my services to a greater extent while also changing the title of what it is that I do, but on a larger scale, I'll also be sharing products and packages which I'm developing!

I really look forward to things growing outward from the initial meeting yesterday, and I hope that once all the changes are in place, you'll join me in working on a product for your business or brand!

If you've got something in mind for what you need from a site or a social media setup, talk to me ASAP; I'll be taking on clients when August rolls around, and I'd love for you to be one of them.

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