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Updated: Dec 6, 2018

As it stands, I haven't got the funding for Photoshop. With enough contracts in the bag however, I'll open up to a wider range of graphic design options. For now though, there are still some base-level options which I can offer in the area of graphic design and manipulation.

For profile images, social posts and Instagram-type imagery, I do have an entry written about Social Posts with Wix. If you want to read more about those and how they look, just check the Available Features section of the Projects page.

Otherwise, here's a list of small examples containing a summary of what I can do with images and jury-rigged software options:

The above two images came from existing logos designed using Illustrator by a professional graphic designer, but for Christmas I took the original and added the hat and snow. I't not much, but it makes a difference when it comes to cute, seasonal branding.

These two are some ultra-simple ways of turning images into text-based promotional items, or vice versa. There's not too much to them, but I can make stuff like this pretty quickly to help promote news blasts or create effective cover images for social media.

These images are a little more complex than others, with layering and background removal involved. Due to my circumstances, most graphic designers would pass out upon learning how I make these, but they work and they've been really successful branding tools.

If this is the sort of thing you need, with a website or not, head to the Contact page now! I'm more than excited to talk to you.


Since posting this, I've created and published my own brand logo, which will appear on most sites I build. In future, I'll have different versions of it, but for now, use it as another example of what I can do for you!

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