Redbubble is a platform for publishing your own artwork on branded merchandise, and the options for customising and presenting your work on the merchandise are extremely varied. It's very different from buying bulk products and selling them yourself, which is often good for touring with your business, doing larger giveaways or running a store/promoting said store. However, if you want to promote your brand continuously without having to do continuous reorders or manage stock, Redbubble's a great place to go.

You can add digital content to a massive range of items on Redbubble, creating a portfolio of objects which you can sell both to boost your brand and to boost your income. A lot of the sales money goes towards the production of the items themselves, but you still earn the profit when the transaction goes through. As well as that, you can mark items up or down depending on what you think the price should be. This means you can run your own sales and promotions based on things you might be trying to promote across your brand.

Below is a strip from a Facebook ad containing some products I put together for Below Bermuda. The products are light-hearted and comedic for the most part, but you can curate your own to any degree of severity or hilarity; it's all up to you.

You can dd anything at all to Redbubble. It's not a conventional marketing method, but if you get the right nerve and either have artwork to show off or an audience to cater to, you can really be in with a winner. All you have to do is manage the artwork and the money; Redbubble manages everything else, leaving you free from continuous orders, stocktaking and other time-consuming tasks.

Speak to me today if you want to incorporate something like this. For the most part, the merchandise featured here is at the extreme end of the severity spectrum and is mostly intended for the endorsement of fan humour, but the examples still serve to show you what can be done.

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