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Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Ongoing work is always good to chart. What's more is counting and then charting the ongoing work you do with the space you use for charting and counting your own ongoing work!

With that horrific sentence out of the way, let me explain the purpose of this website:

Primarily, it's the infancy of a business tool which I'd like to turn into something serious. This is where I want to launch a freelance career and work my way towards independence. Here, you should see everything I want to offer, and every way in which can offer it. you should be able to clearly see everything you need to before you contact me, and then you should be able to get in touch with me with ease. One day, I hope this will turn into a fully-fledged base of operations, but for now, it's a good showcase of a few things.

Secondly, the site should act as a meta-example of what I can do. At the moment, I'm waiting to upgrade my subscription and add a domain of my own, but until I find steady contracts, I can use it as a means to show how much you can do without paying Wix for your website. If you want an example of a good paid site from my portfolio, have a look at Antrim Credit Union's website. It has all you can pay for, and probably more. Other unpaid sites are in my portfolio section, and you can see from each of them what you can do if you only want the basics.

Lastly, I want this site to serve as a showcase for developments over time. I like my colour scheme and layout, but I might change it when I upgrade. I might rearrange things, or change some things altogether, but no matter what happens, I'll keep track of it in the "Projects" section. Big changes to all the sites I run, along with any new features I offer, will all appear in the Projects blog, letting you see how I can work with your site over time if you decide to stay with me once your site is completed. Obviously you don't have to stay, and if you don't want to, there'll be visual representations of unique tools I can build for you using past developments which I've worked on for other people.

There should be an option to subscribe to the blog for notifications of new features, so if you've already got a site with me and would like to change things based on updates I share, you'll be the first to know when they become available. New features and offers will appear with you instantly, so you can pick and choose, or even commission something entirely new based off another idea.

Whatever the case, whatever the requirement, you'll see it here.

Talk to me about what you need; I want to work with you.


Since posting this originally, I decided to take the next step and move towards a complete brand with a complete site.

Now, you'll see all sorts of differences. On this site, there'll be no ads like the ones on the Below Bermuda one in my portfolio. As well as that, the browser tab icon will now show up, making things look a lot more professional. Finally, I've got a proper address which has no annoying prefixes or extra 'tat' along with it.

My new logo is also a great addition to things, creating a solid brand image for things to be tied to. If you've seen the changes made over the past few days and thought they might be good for you, let me know and we'll talk it out. I can help with all subscription/email creation/url validation steps and payments, so don't worry if it seems complex!

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