Privacy and Cookie Notices

Over the past while, I've been working on a privacy policy document to attach to my site. I've needed one for a while, and I've finally managed to complete it. It's great to have it done at last, because I can finally use it as another example of the services I can provide to your business.

I've also made sure to add a cookie notice to make sure all privacy and data protection angles are covered when it comes to using my own site. Working with me will have you set up and running comprehensively in all the most important ways.

Setting up a privacy policy shows that you care about customer safety online, and shows your legitimacy as a modern business. It also shows that you've covered all bases when it comes to setting yourself up, so don't delay, speak to me about getting a comprehensive set of services today!

If you'd like to view my privacy policy for peace of mind, please click here.

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