Re-Brand Incoming!

When I started out this time last year, I rushed into creating a name, design and website to advertise myself. The amount of free time I've had recently has given me the chance to look over all my branding qualities and work on improving them. I've also been working with local enterprise agencies to develop some powerful marketing tools, so look out for those becoming available services for your business!

It's been fantastic to actually have the chance to sit down and design some new logos, names and more. I'm really excited to see what everyone thinks of the re-brand when it comes into play, so do feel free to give me feedback when you see things changing!

The reason I've been so honest and open with the way I'm approaching my new brand design is because I want to show that if your business needs development, I can help you change, update and generally improve how it appears online. Soon, I'll also be able to help you market it too! Get in touch if you're thinking about making some big changes, and we'll get them integrated.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of my new logo:

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