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It's been a busy couple of months, but I'm quite glad, looking back, that so much happened. One of the highlights of the past while was the graphic work I was approached to create. It's got me excited to move on to future design projects, and I'm already looking for more!

This most recent project was for a local personal trainer and life coach, who needed both a logo and a series of advertisements in order to get up and running in a new area. We went back and forward over a few design variations, eventually setting on quite a striking logo!

Have a look at the examples of the work below and get in touch if you want anything similar!

After about 7 variations, we settled on this eye-catching final idea. I'm happy to work through versions and editions with you if you know what sort of image you'd like!
Final Logo

Going along with the logo was the Facebook cover photo, which can be used to advertise on both personal and business platforms.

Cover Photo

Once the logo was done, a series of ads were needed. A range of products were on offer, so some very different posters were required in order to convey everything available! Have a scroll through the slideshow to see what we finalised.

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