Some Design Work for an Upcoming Project

The best thing about designing products for a personal project is the ability to go all-out with no deadline and experiment with what's possible. For the upcoming launch of another business we're working on, we've been doing a ton of work on logos, website work and template design for future sales.

For a personal training business, we wanted to be very reflective of the gym environment while also standing out from the crowd. You can check out the website here:

The site is currently accepting emails to gather interest; head there now to be updated when it's up and running!

In addition to the launch of this site, we're also able to announce the preliminary launch of a new product specifically for personal trainers. The product, which is a digital package aimed at getting all PT services moved online, includes a site which handles all bookings, scheduling, calendar integrations and payments, will open up subscription capabilities for those who use it, enabling client retention and guaranteed payments on a monthly basis.

The management site links to Google calendar, giving clients the ability to choose available training slots and showing trainers when they've been booked for work. For those who want to provide online classes for multiple people, it can also integrate with Zoom, sorting meeting links and notifying clients when they book.

We hope that this package will provide a huge boost to the personal training industry now that strict regulations have been introduced in relation to hosting classes, coaching groups and managing clients remotely.

If you'd like to revolutionise your fitness business today, contact us now.

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