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For different projects I'm working on, there are sometimes aspects which are listed as "coming soon". For others, there are different appearances needed for different seasons/promotional periods. In cases like these, I can really easily set up alternative homepages, temporary preview pages and even cover whole sites with maintenance drapes.

For example, Antrim Credit Union are in the process of building a new sub-office in Randalstown, so I thought it would be useful to build them some pages to work as a "sub-site" of sorts (which is a unique feature that i can offer if you need it). Obviously, I can't launch these pages until the new office is complete, so they're currently waiting on the sidelines. Sitting on top of them right now however, is a temporary page which has all the relevant details of the current sub-office. Here's a link to it.

Another example of this will be available on the upcoming Empowered website. It's not even public yet, but I'm working to create a range of different homepages which can be switched in and out depending on the products being offered by the business at any one time. Currently, it's being developed with a three-column homepage with a video header, allowing multiple fitness courses to be promoted at once, but when those products run their course and go out of season, I'll have another homepage to swap it out for, containing nothing but promotional videos and the option to purchase personal training programs.

If you have a need for constant change, I can help you out with no problems at all. Talk to me now via the Contact page!

Bottom half of the current Empowered homepage, featuring three exemplar courses on offer.

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