TP-PT Almost Ready for Launch!

My latest project, a personal training forum, payment gateway and program/guidance portal for Tony Peacock Personal raining, is almost ready to go. We're in the final stages of developing program customisation forms to be added to sold programs, and tings are starting to look really good.

As good as the site already looks (you can view it here, but you can't buy anything yet), it's only the first big phase of at least two, the second of which will see the launch of a comprehensive workout dictionary and form guide for a range of exercises to be included as part of client programs. Those actively paying for membership will have access to a full range of video diagrams depicting correct form and technique for performing the different workouts required by programs.

I'm really excited to put the finishing touches on phase one of Tony's site, and then even more excited to get stuck into finishing phase two. The idea of providing guides for clients is quite revolutionary as far as personal training provisions go, and it's great to be a part of developing it.

Have a look at the site and see what you think. It'd be great to know that seeing the site inspired someone to sign up, so please do consider using Tony's services to being a new chapter of your life!

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