UPRISING Barbell Co.

Lately, I've been quiet on my main design pages. Namely, it's because I've been busy developing something a little larger to tie in and supplement the work I do here.

Coming together with family and training partners, I decided to create a content development company based around the strongman segment of the fitness industry. The sport is currently on the rise and has a greater legitimacy and following than ever before, sporting competitions all around the world for amateur and world-class athletes alike.

We decided to create the company to provide some way of covering the world of strongman who don't know so much about it, while also supplementing our own training and progress within the sport. Every week, we upload three videos relating to the sport's community, our own lifestyles and the way we each train. We hope to inspire viewers and followers to get involved in the sport from any angle they can, whether that be competition, training for fun or simply keeping up with events and news around the world.

The reason #UBCo links into my work here is because much of it serves as a showcase for my design skills. While I don't film and edit every video (look for mine primarily on Thursdays), I do write all the copy, create all the thumbnails and process all online facets of the business including merchandising, sales, designs and more.

If you need something beyond my portfolio to prove the quality of my work, look no further than the links below:




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