2021 Videos So Far

2021 is off to a really good start in terms of video work! We're pleased to have a few new pieces to show off from the last few months, and we've updated out portfolio so you can find them online as well!

First of all, we created a music video - the first one we've ever done, at that. Using old footage from 2018, we pieced together a really special piece for Below Bermuda. If you want to stream the song, check out this link.

Next up, we worked on an instructional video for The Irish Saddler - this was the first Covid-19-era project we worked on in person, making sure to wear masks and employ social distancing throughout the shoot. It was really fun to work on and even gave us a great blooper reel to enjoy at the end. Check it out!

Lastly, Antrim Credit Union needed an information video for students at NRC. We happily obliged, creating a quick summary video to help students understand how to use the small finance benefits of the organisation. We did all the production on this one, including the voiceover, so if you need that done on top of your editing, just ask!

That's all for now - hopefully you enjoyed this quick recap of the last few months. If you see anything you like, make sure to get in touch and ask how we can help!

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