Virtual Birthday Parties!

Recently I was contacted to organise a party to celebrate a child's birthday. I'm not a party planner though, nor do I have any plans to make a change to my career in that direction, but due to the state of the world right now though, someone came to me to see what I could do online to mark the occasion.

There's a wealth of online options for hosting parties right now. SO many options exist for those who want to continue celebrating in spite of everything that's going on. When asked about the party, I had a look around and decided to create a Facebook group in which people could watch specially-recorded videos together at the same time while posting images, videos and personal messages. I provided some schedule graphics to help the day run like a normal party, and even helped put together some games!

From my own childhood, I remembered a performer who did many birthday parties and functions for my family and people we knew, and I decided to look him up to see if he was still entertaining people more than 13 years on. To my immense surprise and joy, I found that he was still working as an entertainer, so I spoke to him and asked if a virtual birthday party would be something he would like to do. When he agreed to take on the task, it began to feel like a really party was in the works.

Everything in the Facebook group is set up and ready to go for the big day, with more than 50 people waiting to take part! It's going to be a unique way to celebrate together, and I'm sure many of the children and their parents on the guest list will remember the experience for years to come. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to organise your own online party; it's easier to put together thank you think!

The entertainer's name is Magic George, and you can find him by clicking here.

Here's a collection of the graphics I put together to help make the day run smoothly:

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